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Can I Walk Away From Home in Bankruptcy?


Dear Bankruptcy Adviser, 
I am currently three years into a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. As far as I know, my home is included in the bankruptcy. I make my mortgage payment to the bankruptcy department of the loan company.
Is there any way to walk away from my house and let it go into foreclosure with it being in bankruptcy? I have already had a loan modification to help financially, but I can no longer afford any mortgage. 

Consumer Watchdog to Monitor Student Loan Servicers


If you’re a borrower having trouble with the company that handles your student loans, you may be interested to learn that the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will soon begin scrutinizing practices of the largest loan servicers, the companies that manage loans on behalf of lenders.

Fact Sheet California Health Coverasge


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Top 10 Career Fields to Boost Your Retirement Chances


With accommodating pension plans fading into extinction, defined contribution vehicles are becoming the focus of company retirement programs. There are many factors to consider when preparing for retirement, but workers should not overlook the benefits of different industries.
Not all retirement programs are created equally. BrightScope, a leading provider of independent financial information and investment research, recently conducted a study ranking the best 401k plans by industry.